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guard•ian noun \:

1: one that guards, maintains, and protects
2: one who has the care of the person or property of another
• Low Voltage Specialist
• Security Systems
• Alarm Systems
• Burglar Alarms
• CCTV/DVR Monitoring Systems
• Access Control Systems
• Intercom Systems
• 24 Hour Monitoring
• 365 Day Sales and Service
• And more...
Remote Arming Station
Window and
Door Sensors
Motion Detectors
CCTV/DVR Monitoring Systems
Decals &
Attractive, user friendly design
Stand-by power
Self test capacity
Automatic alarm reset

Remote arming station – This lighted keypad provides complete control of your
  security system with digital access codes, and features emergency buttons that allow
  you to easily summon police, and medical and fire assistance. Other features include:   door chime, zone status and temporary zone bypass, and duress/ambush feature
Perimeter door and/or window protection – Sensors installed on your doors and/or   windows (according to your specific needs) to instantly detect forcible entry
Interior protection – Passive infra-red motion detectors protect the interior premises   from intruders
Warning siren – Mounted sirens automatically sounds in the event of a police   emergency, intrusion or fire
Fire protection – Strategically placed smoke detectors provide 24 hour protection
Warning decals – Placed on glass windows and doors, decals warn potential intruders
  of your protection
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